I'm a 17 year old girl from Denmark. Horseracing is my life. I love photography and being creative through either videos or photos. I'm still a beginner so bear with me.

I took this shot on one of the last days of racing before the track closed for the year. This beauty is Omake :)
© Wolfster Photography
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Meet Inspired Cry :)
A real stunner.
© Wolfster Photography
Reggae Dancer. One of the most beautiful horses at the track.
© Wolfster Photography
Blinkers on
© Wolfster Photography
Meet Shrek; one of the wonders of Klampenborg Racetrack :)
© WolfsterPhotography
hunterjumpersismylife: Why are you stealing Vickaf's pictures?

Uhm I’m not? I took every single picture myself on my Nikon D3100. I go to my local racetrack to take pictures, I can even tell you the name of it. I also go to the park near me where show jumping competitions are held every year. So I’m NOT stealing these pictures. They are mine and I took every single one of them MYSELF.

vickaf: can you please stop watermarking pictures that aren't yours? please and thank you

Uhm I took those pictures myself at my local racetrack and later at the park near me where show jumping competitions are held yearly. So no I will not stop watermarking pictures that I took.

Thank you

Hell’s Angel
Shadow Roll
This is the place where a champion is spotted.
grid themes?


does anyone know where i could get a grid theme that has

  • a sidebar on the left and is fixed
  • has 3 columns
  • infinite scrolling 
  • and is mostly plain
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